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Munich’s value 20 times higher than Berlin !

Munich’s value 20 times higher than Berlin !

Oct 12,2016

When it comes to choosing top-valued companies to plant their flag in, countries prefer Munich, the Bavarian capital that leaves other German cities behind!

Munich is home to 14 of Germany’s largest companies according to market capitalization. This city has left all its adversaries so far behind, that to catch up with it…one can say they were “biting its dust!

The German ranking system of the stock market, called the Börsenliga, ranks large cities in accordance to the collated worth of “DAX” companies – i.e. the biggest companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and that have their headquarters based within city limits.

Munich is home to global giants such as Allianz, BMW, Siemens etc and its ‘DAX companies’ net worth is € 277.21 Billion. This data was published by Simon-Kucher & Partners.

Even Munich’s closest rival, Bonn, just had 2 major firms with headquarters situated there.

With a consolidated value of € 102.71, the previous capital of West Germany's DAX firms barely summoned one-third worth of Munich's biggest listed organizations.

The city that housed the 2nd highest stock market players was Hamburg, of which ten were based there. But their small size indicated that a combined worth of € 36.45 Billion put the harbor city 13th on the list.

Munich’s value higher than Berlin

Scampering up to the top 20 for the 1st time since the record was first collated in 2005 was Berlin. With 2 DAX businesses valued at € 12.23 billion, the capital of Germany is positioned below the German landmarks such as Walldorf (5th), Herzogenaurach (14th), and Neubiberg (16th), all of which made it onto the list, thanks to one large company.

The spokesperson for Simon-Kucher & Partners, Anita Müller, stated to ‘The Local’ that not much had changed in the list since last year (2015), with the top ten firms remaining utterly stable.

She further pointed out, that certain cities were made famous (even monetarily!) by organizations which had been established there for decades, for e.g. Leverkusen, home to chemical giant ‘Bayer’, and Herzogenaurach, the foundation of sports clothing company- Adidas. She said, Berlin’s low ranking exhibited that “companies don’t feel compelled to be in the capital”.

Great infrastructure, the potential to recruit superior personnel and favorable taxes… among a few vital reasons, played their part in helping Munich remain an attractive HQ for companies, compared to the capital.


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