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Most In-demand Jobs in the UK

Most In-demand Jobs in the UK

May 19,2015

The United Kingdom economy continues to recover; numerous organizations are augmenting their employment intake in various professions. During the time of recession, numerous number of individuals hunting jobs in various industries throughout the UK. 

Now, when the economy is improving, the job prospects are also improved. In 2015, Britain, employers mostly prefer graduate students and their median starting income from the UK’s leading employers increases to 30,000. 

This year, not only graduates have better luck, but also others workers. It is expected that around 40% of all employees are eyeing on other job opportunities in 2015, as they feel more convinced regarding career change as well as finding better roles. 

Apparently, a record of 31.1m people are working in the UK and the unemployment rate has fallen to 5.5%. 

Of various occupations, some of the in-demand occupations are:

•    Information Technology with strong Java knowledge and one to two years’ experience can now get an annual salary of £35,000. Almost 105,760 jobs advertised in the IT sector in February 2015. 
•    Healthcare, medical and nursing with around 97,359 vacancies. 
•    Engineering with nearly 90,080 vacancies 
•    Accountancy and finance with 85,780 jobs
•    Construction & Property vacancies surged to 50,007       
•    Human Resources with 28,909 vacancies     
•    Marketing with 23,386 jobs

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