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More than half of Middle East firms are on hiring span

More than half of Middle East firms are on hiring span

Oct 17,2015

Construction specialists say that there would be bulk recruitment in Gulf which would increase huge jobs opportunities in the next few months.

As per one of the leading recruiter around 49% of companies are planning on recruitment which on new positions and 90% of them would be hiring for existing positions. 58% of the recruiters are expected to announce new vacancies in the next 6 months. Positions are likely for candidates within 3 to 8 years of work experience in the relevant field.

As per last month’s survey 140 recruiters and employers said to have announced 44 % of expected new jobs would be for middle management posts and around 25% in middle management levels. More than 35% would be in construction field along with a significant increase in Banking, Finance, Retail and Hospitality industries.

Construction and its allied sectors are growing giving raise to the employment opportunities, Infrastructure Companies are getting ready with new projects which need to be ready for the Expo 2020 in the UAE.  This is good news for Jobseeker in Gulf.


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