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More Job Vacancies are Available for Skilled Individuals in US

More Job Vacancies are Available for Skilled Individuals in US

Apr 09,2015

Here’s some good news for all the individuals who would like to work in the US. According to the Labor Department report, job openings in the United States have increased 3.4% to 5.1 million in February, a higher number in the past 14 years. It’s a clear indication that companies are willing to increase their staffs.

In the coming months, the country can make more jobs available for individuals. During April, the businesses have slow to fill openings for much of the recovery and might fill more job openings.
The analyst at Credit Suisse, Jeremy Schwartz, said that a major rise in available jobs is a comforting the indication that the basics of the labor market have persisted to improve. 

The rise in job openings, even recruiting could also be an indication that employers would have to try harder to fill the available jobs. Also, businesses might be forced to offer maximum salaries to lure employees. 

There exist some signs that are already occurring. Retailers had almost 30,000 more job openings in February than January, whereas restaurants and hotels posted 37,000 more jobs. Retail recruiting fell in February when compared to January, whereas hotel, as well as restaurants, recruiting increased by a smaller amount than openings.

A number of professions in those fields have declared high-profile salary increases in the recent months. 

Average earnings increased 0.3% in March; the government stated that an indication for high salaries might be brightened. However, they were, yet just 2.1% higher than a year ago, akin to the apathetic gains that have taken place since the recession finished in June 2009. 

The other good thing is Layoffs dropped 7.6% to 1.6 million, the minimum level in 16 months. That cites a high degree of job safety for employees in the US. 

The number of individuals giving up their jobs has decreased by 3.3% to 2.7 million. That is yet 10.2% maximum than a year ago. More individuals quitting can be a good indication for the country’s economy, as people usually quit when they have got another job, with a high salary.


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