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More 28,700 Jobs added to Canadian Economy in March

More 28,700 Jobs added to Canadian Economy in March

Apr 13,2015

The Canadian economy has created additional 28,700 new jobs in March, more than expected count. 

According to the statistics, a majority of the jobs gains were in part-time work and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.8%. 

The country’s economy has unfortunately lost 28,000 full-time jobs in the month, however, that equalize by a rise in 57,000 part-time vacancies. 

Citing the falling oil prices, which have obliged numerous energy firms to dismiss people, and the most recent failures of a number of great retailers, the count of almost 29,000 new job vacancies was a surprise for some.

The Scotiabank said in a research letter that after the numbers came out, the headline Canadian employment count is much better than anticipated. 

Apparently, there are more payroll workers and less self-employed in March, a positive trend was observed. 

A majority of job gains were focused in Manitoba and Saskatchewan provinces. The other provinces observed a minor change in the employments figure, excluding P.E.I and Nova Scotia. 

Alberta added approximately 20,000 part-time jobs, but that figure was counterbalanced by a loss of 18,400 full-time jobs during the month.

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