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Ministry of Manpower Announced 11,909 Jobs in Egypt

Ministry of Manpower Announced 11,909 Jobs in Egypt

Mar 28,2015

Here’s some good news for all the individuals who would like to work in Egypt. In line with the ministerial report, the Ministry of Manpower & Immigration promulgated that around 11,909 jobs were generated in Egypt in the month of January. 

The report declared that the jobs were created in the investment and private sectors. Out of this number, 1,328 individuals chosen by the ministry has taken four firms; with 511 of these were handicapped employees. On whole Egyptian laborers overseas holding agreements reached 42,200 in January.

The Minister of Manpower & Immigration, Nahed Al-Ashry, said that the ministry granted 84 advertisements in diverse specializations of a abroad recruitment organizations. These are expected to offer around 30,000 jobs. Additionally, 460 contracts for Egyptian employees to find employment overseas were finalized.

The Minister added that 49 licenses were issued for firms operating to assist Egyptians find employment overseas, with licensees for 97 firms renewed.

She stated that the ministry thrived in raising the monthly income at a rate of 50% for the nationals of Egypt are working in Kuwait, which came into force on 21 January 2015. 

She explained that it would raise remittances and incomes arriving into Egypt from Egyptians residing in Kuwait by a minimum of 30%.

On a whole 73 seminars were held by the ministry to educate employees on the labor law, which benefited 2,507 employees in 13 governorates.

The ministry contributed in sinking unemployment and raising the workforce, and assimilating handicapped employees into the labor market. They also assisted eliminated companies violating the labor law to defend nationals from exploitation.

According to the CAPMAS (Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics), at present, around 3.7 million jobless in Egypt, or a joblessness rate of 9.2% among male employees in the last quarter of previous, when compared with 10% for same period in 2013. Job loss amongst females reached 24.8% in the previous year, when compared with 25% for  the same period in 2013.

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