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Migrant workers monopolize the job market in New Zealand

Migrant workers monopolize the job market in New Zealand

Oct 22,2016

It seems that migrant workers are happy with their skills and jobs, Recruiters in New Zealand are also hiring more of abroad population leaving behind the locals.

Almost around 209,000 overseas working visas are approved, with almost 10,000 migrants got permanent jobs in New Zealand.

Officials say that “it is effortless for skilled immigrants to survive in the country upon less skilled local workers”. In the previous year’s around 16,000 technicians and trades people had visas approved. This report shows that skilled job seekers are more dominant comparatively to native job hunters.

What role does work experience play

Experience is the key factor where recruiter always looks for and your experience in a specific role always gives you an edge over others.

Unemployment rate in new Zealand depends mostly on the nature of the local youth where only small percentage of the youth are successful with their employment nearly 76% of the youth do not continue after their education that is where the migrant employment have an upper hand than that of locals.


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