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Marketing Manager Job Heads the Charts of Most Wanted Jobs in UK

Marketing Manager Job Heads the Charts of Most Wanted Jobs in UK

Feb 25,2015

The marketing sector which is so often scorned by people, today receives brownie points for performing efficiently what it is paid for. Britons supposedly strongly desire to work as a marketing manager. According to a report on what employed people consider as top 25 jobs in the UK, the role of finance manager, marketing manager and mechanical engineer has emerged in the top slots.

The 25 rewarding jobs in UK have been apparently ranked based on the following three factors as obtained from a number of employee surveys-career opportunity rating, earning potential and number of job openings. The forthcoming results were representative of jobs involving all three categories. The role of a marketing manager stood at the forefront, with an average salary of £46,660 for beginners and having a score of 4.5. Next in tow, were the positions of finance manager and mechanical engineer, both securing a 4.4 score.

For an IT-related opening, the positions of solutions architect (score of 4.1, 14th) reaps the highest average salary of £66,349 on a yearly basis. A software engineer (score of 4.2, 10th) at present has the maximum number of job openings at 14,846. Professional services ranking 8th and technology at 7th position were seen as the top two sectors which offered jobs spread over a wide sphere. An accountant’s pay languished at a mere starting average of £29,488 and with a score of 3.6 at the 23rd position.

The final list of the most important IT-related and office-based jobs were obtained after reducing down the list of 100 jobs which includes the role of lecturer, chef, bar tender, retail store manager, social worker and flight attendant. 

The jobs which are in demand in the UK are best in the industry and although it’s not all related to money, these roles were ranked highly across all the three parameters. For prospective employees who are looking forward to enter the job market, these positions offer a mix of good prospects and salary. In 2014, such job hunters are in a better off position. According to a different study research, the month of December referred Google as the best place to work in UK. 

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