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Malaysia’s ICT Sector To Register Double-Digit Growth in 2015

Malaysia’s ICT Sector To Register Double-Digit Growth in 2015

Jul 28,2015

Annual ICT Job Market Outlook report - 2015 for the local ICT industry was released by the The National ICT Association of Malaysia(Pikom).

The average ICT professional’s salary has rose to 7.9% from RM7, 142 in 2013 to RM7, 706 in 2014.  The average salary is expected to grow to 7.4% to RM8, 278 in 2015.

Despite the slowdown in Malaysian economy, Cheah Kok Hoong, Chairman of Pikom expects that the ICT professionals salaries will be growing by 14.2% in this year. In the last year, the increase in the salary of ICT professionals was 12.5%.

This positive growth in the increase of salaries has paved way for the bright future of theICT professionals and job seekers.

There are huge number of job opportunities in the areas of Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Mobile Applications. In-addition, professionals with experience in the verticals of Business Intelligence, Security and Networking are in good demand. Apart from them, Java, .Net, Sharepoint, C#, C++ and Web Application Developer continue to rule the roost.

According to the report, the top paying five countries for ICT jobs are the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates. Malaysia ranks 16 th position in the list, and is ahead of Philippines, Indonesia and India.

When inflation is adjusted, the top five paying countries are the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Hong Kong and Qatar. Malaysia ranks 14 th position in the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) adjusted list and is ahead of India, Canada, Australia, Philippines and Indonesia.

This report has been produced after a thorough survey  of ICT sector’s job growth  in over 24 industries. The information for the survey has been obtained from the sources provided by other countries and Pikom’s members.

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