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London’s Second Biggest Job Creators are Indians

London’s Second Biggest Job Creators are Indians

May 21,2015

In the year 2015, the second biggest job creators in London are the Indians.

On Tuesday, London and Partners released the current data showing that the companies from India have created 504 latest jobs already in only London this year, taking the second position after the Americans who have created almost 1983 jobs.

Every year the sum of jobs created by the companies in India was increasing. Indians have created about 404 jobs in the year 2012 which was followed by 249 jobs in the year 2013 and 438 jobs in the year 2014 in London.

Most of the technical foreign companies have set up their headquarters in London than before.

According to Mayor’s business and promotional company, it has been a record as there was a significant growth by creating 5000 jobs nearly by 270 companies during the last year.

In concern of the new companies, shops have been set up in London during the year 2015 by 28 latest companies in India, which are four greater than the Chinese and second to America. Large companies like Greenland Group, Tata Elxsi, and Pfizer have already created and expanded their latest headquarters in London.

There were 26 technical companies which moved to London, but there were a record of 108 during the previous financial year. 

It was said by London and Partners that there are more companies who would like to invest such as companies from China, India, Japan, France, Australia, and Spain who create many jobs in the financial, business services, technical, and the industry of life science.

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