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LMIA Employers to revision TFWP

LMIA Employers to revision TFWP

Apr 26,2016

LMIA Employers in Canada has been requested to revision Temporary overseas employee’s wages

This TFWP allows Canadian recruiters to hire foreign citizens to fill skill shortage in Canadian companies, while making certain that the permanent resident holders and Canadian citizens has the beginning chance to apply for open positions.

By territory or province the normal hourly wages has been updated with the newest wage needs which would commence from 29th April 2016. Annually rate of unemployment by economic regions has also been revised with the rates on 1st April.

To meet the need of Temporary foreign workers, recruiters are required to use hourly wages on province or territory .the wages offered with the location of job would specify the employers need to apply for LMIA with low and high wage jobs.

Employers one who offers wages to temporary overseas employee that is:

Lower hourly wage on the basis of territorial or provincial would subject towards all of needs of stream for low wage jobs.

Equal or greater hourly wages the territorial or provincial would be subject to all of needs of streams for increased wage jobs.

From 29th April 2016, the latest hourly wages by territory or province would require to be utilized by employers for specifying if the position is high or low wage.


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