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“LinkedIn” has new tools now for overseas job seekers, to creep their dream job in overseas companies

“LinkedIn” has new tools now for overseas job seekers, to creep their dream job in overseas companies

Dec 18,2015

Want to get more updates about your dream overseas company you’d love to work for?. Then here is the right bridge for job seekers to keep themselves update about their dream company with their career opportunity they are looking for.

The overseas employer’s network plans are about to launch in early next year for the “LinkedIn”.

LinkedIn announced that this week they will be adding advanced tool data for job- hunting,  professional network  and plans job postings, etc. which will give users a better idea of their prospective role and a company’s health and culture.

 Forbes reports are the feature which includes a free “Meet the Team” tool which makes users to search and access to open their similar role profiles for which they want to work for in their dream company.  

And a “Premium Insights” feature that will highlight the rate on hiring people, the average tenure of employees and their company’s employees professional details e.g. from which schools and companies most employes came from to work with them. Well, to keep update on such things, every overseas job seeker have to sign up (membership/account) with this premium LinkedIn.

 LinkedIn also has the backup support on display the common member’s profile, if your new connection member has any common member, which you have already added into your connections. This feature was already existed one, but it displays at the bottom of one’s profile earlier.

Users can creep on related overseas jobs, overseas company’s description and how many members have already viewed on the same overseas job posting in the LinkedIn. 

By the next year, these new plans with the tools will be rolled out to 10 percent of users through desktop in the U.S., Canada, India, the U.K., and Australia countries.


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