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Largest ever Canada Express entry draw

Largest ever Canada Express entry draw

Nov 17,2016

Changes to Express Entry Points system to be introduced on 19th November

Invitations to apply through Express Entry has increased again, this time, to 2427. Applicants with a minimum score of 470 in the Comprehensive Ranking System were chosen in the draw on 16th November. Since the draw system was introduced in 2015, this one, the 47th will probably be the last before major changes to the system, on awarding points, are introduced on 19th November. Applicants part of the draw on 16th November will continue to be under the current system.

Ever increasing draws via Express Entry

Invitations to apply have been steadily increasing since August when 750 applicants were invited to 2427 in November. It’s also noteworthy that the minimum points required also came down from 538 in August to 470 in November causing the huge spike in numbers, largest ever since 2015, when the system was put in place.


What changes are being introduced?

As detailed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the significant change would be the reduction of points for an employment offer from 600 to 200 for occupations in a Major Group 00 in the National Occupational Classification. A greater reduction to 50 points for employment offers of all other skills is also being introduced.

As part of the new initiative, points for employment offers for non-LMIA will be introduced. This would mean that applicants holding either work permit (mentioned below) will be awarded points from the new system. The only restriction would be that an applicant must have been in Canada for a minimum of one year and the employer remains the same.

Work permit under an International agreement (example: NAFTA) or

Work permit under the “Significant benefits to Canada” program


Do you hold a Work Permit?

Check the information below to find out if you are eligible for points under the new system.





Post-Graduation Work Permits

Intra-Company Transfer

International Experience Canada (IEC)

Labour Market Impact Assessment-based Work Permits

Work Permits issued to Spouses/Common-Law Partners of foreign workers and international students in Canada

Canada-Provincial/Territorial issued Work Permits

All other Open Work Permits

Other Work Permits issued under the significant benefit to Canada initiative



Another significant change being introduced is granting points for study in Canada to International students. Up to 30 points can be added for education for these applicants apart from the points scored for overall education.


In addition to the changes above, another change would be the increase of validity of the ITA from 60 to 90 days. These changes, being from 19th November, would mean that all the applicants from previous draw would still have only 60 days to submit their completed application.


Significant change by the IRCC

David Cohen, an Attorney mentioned, “Many candidates in the pool were hopeful that there would be another draw before the changes to Express Entry are implemented. This was particularly the case for those candidates who had received qualifying job offers and updated their profiles accordingly. It is only fair that IRCC allowed these candidates to receive an ITA based on the current regulations,”. “As for candidates who remain in the pool, as well as individuals thinking of creating a profile in the near future — the future looks bright. Not only does the government of Canada plan on welcoming more newcomers through Express Entry in 2017, but the system due to come into force on November 19 may be more equitable and promote the human capital factors of candidates, relative to the strength of a job offer under the CRS.”


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