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Jobs in UAE: health industries are keen to hire you right away

Jobs in UAE: health industries are keen to hire you right away

Aug 18,2016

Health care profession is in demand with 12% increase from last year. Particular Industries are adopting to hire differently from routine.

The latest Monster Employment survey for the Middle East records high demand for UAE medical professionals, giving opportunities for those in the field.

According to one of the Indian job portal (MEI) index in UAE, healthcare continues strong demand for medical, construction, technological industries said by managing director (Middle East) monster.com.

Heavy investments by the UAE government in health care industry at global level.

Recent developments in the field include the construction of a number of new international hospitals are built across the emirates, a $2 billion project to establish a modern medical university by 2017, and the utilization of high-tech sensors, biometric readers and even robots that are helping medical staff to perform more efficiently.

Despite a 22 per cent annual dip in UAE job opportunities listed online, the MEI reveals promising results across some sectors.

Consumer goods/ FMCG, food & packaged food, home appliance, garments/ textiles/leather, gems & jewelers, with 25 percent year-on-year growth in online job posts in the UAE are the country’s top growth industries.

Along with production/manufacturing, automotive, ancillary; and engineering, construction and real estate with increase of 8 percent and 6 percent respectively in job opportunities posted online, as compared to the same period a year ago.

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