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Job Opportunities in Australia Touch New High

Job Opportunities in Australia Touch New High

Sep 16,2014

In a major development that is likely to woo people eyeing a career in Australia, a recent study carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed that 1,21,000 new jobs were thrown open by different employers in various fields in 2014 itself.
The report went on to describe that Australia has created a record this year by setting a new mark. It has also focused on the way employments opportunities have been progressing in Australia since 1978. 
It even mentioned that job advertisements published also touched new high this month.  Economists have said that the report contained too many statistics, the immigration experts, however, exuded confidence that Australia is likely to create more employment opportunities next year too.
Further, it highlighted that nearly 65.2% of Australian nationals, who were unemployed for the past two years, have successfully landed in the jobs, which brought local unemployment rate to 6.1%.
The expansion of industries, the atmosphere, low crime rate and high standard of living are some of the reasons why many employment opportunities have been created in the last couple of years, opined the industry experts. They even said that a large number of people working in other countries too are likely to migrate to Australia in near future. 

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