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Jamaican Teachers and Nurses look for Overseas Job Offers

Jamaican Teachers and Nurses look for Overseas Job Offers

Aug 18,2014

Education and Health sectors could gain huge number of experienced teachers and nurse professionals as they are reportedly being hired by foreign agencies for jobs in Canada and United States.
Former president of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ), Edith Allwood Anderson made certain that some of the nurses have already immigrated overseas and it is likely that more number of people would immigrate.
She said that there is a huge demand for experienced nurses in Canada as well as in the United States, and the recruitment is going on actively in these professions, she added.
Nurses having five years or more experience in the intensive care are the chosen one’s under the health category.
On the other hand, president of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA), Dr Mark Nicely said that the members of teaching professions are also being hired for foreign jobs.

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