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Jamaica and Canada Employment Programme Generates $1.7 Billion

Jamaica and Canada Employment Programme Generates $1.7 Billion

Jan 07,2015

Inbound allowance from the Employment Programme between Jamaica and Canada has led to the creation of 15.5 million Canadian dollars (about $1.5 billion) to the Jamaican economy in the year 2014. This was revealed by Hon. Derrick Kellier, the Minister of Agriculture, Labour and Social Security. He said that this exchange programme was an important way of generating foreign exchange remittances as it continued to be a guide for opportunity and hope to countless Jamaican citizens.

The Minister addressed a send-off function for the first group of farm workers for 2015 under this program. The ceremony took place in Overseas Employment Services Centre in Kingston on 6 January. He said that in the year 2014, almost 7,952 nationals of Jamaica profited from Canada job prospects.

Under the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme, 340 workers departed the island to take up opportunities of work, on different farms in Ontario in Canada. This group would comprise of only males, who will do an eight-month assignment and will be engaged in food processing, greenhouse crop production and nurseries as well as tobacco plants and in the growing of different vegetables. Additionally, these workers would also be involved in the packaging and shipment of fruits and tobacco.

20% of the workers were newbie while the remaining 80% were returnees or ‘on-request’ workers. This showed that the Jamaican workers were hard-working and dedicated. He requested the contingent to continue their good work such that more such opportunities would be made available to unemployed Jamaican nationals.

The Minister also brought to light the fact that the Overseas Employment Family Services Unit would carry on with its focus on the families of workers by engaging in certain social mediations which included care for the injured and sick as well as the children, household visits, referrals for assistance and self-employment programmes.

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