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IT Requirements in Australia Soar

IT Requirements in Australia Soar

Sep 03,2014

Are you an IT professional? If yes, Australia is calling. There has been constant increase in number of Information Technology jobs in the recent past. 
Sources close to several IT majors in Australia have told us that a large number of people successfully applying for jobs, which is a good sign that tells people that Australia welcomes IT professionals.
It is known that Australia is already an IT hub. From India alone, hundreds of thousands get jobs in IT sector. Further, the companies too are reportedly said to be expanding their IT sectors, which is further pushing them towards searching more candidates to fill the gaps.
A person close to IT giant, Clarius said (on the condition of anonymity) that IT companies in Australia are receiving several projects, which is demanding high manpower. That’s one of the reasons why IT companies are searching for candidates round the year.
He has also said that the employers were not able to find the required skill set for these jobs in the local talent. Therefore, they are looking at foreign candidates, especially from India.

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