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IT jobs in Ireland boost by 20%

IT jobs in Ireland boost by 20%

Oct 25,2016

The Irish IT job market has increased significantly with a good number of job openings, when compared to the years between 2010 – 2015.

There is a healthy 20% increment in the IT sector, wherein the companies are hiring the most employees. Last year, over 9,500 jobs are created all over the country and almost 59,000 job seekers were recruited.

According to the Irish recruitment agency (RECRUITERS.ie) 40% of the employed programmers and software developers are non-native. Among which 10% are Brazilians.

2,100 work permits were being issued last year in Ireland, that is 35% on the total and the number is increasing year by year.  25% of the work visas are being issued by the government every year.

Job advertisements also rose to 7000 on Irish job portals, of which ‘Recruiters’ is continuing to enlarge their recruitment division, thus covering more than 1,300 tech jobs that are being advertised at once, in only one Irish job portal.

Gerard Doyle, the Managing director of the job portal (Recruiters.ie) says “The report quantifies our Irish economic recovery and highlights areas such as ICT where we see job massive creation. With improved job prospects across the sector, challenges with keeping up with demand are emerging”


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