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Indian Millennials Clock Way More Than Their Global Competition

Indian Millennials Clock Way More Than Their Global Competition

Jun 01,2016

Young Indians work more hours than the millennial generation of any other country

In the world.

According to a new study. Indian’s millennials put in more hours at work than their peers from the rest of the world.

In Manpower Group survey of 19,000 millennials in 25 countries, on an average Indians came out on top, strike a massive 52 hours per week.

On the other hand, Chinese millennial works over 48 hours which is way ahead of 41 hours a week worked by the Australian and British competition.

Millennials–defined as people born in the 1980s and 1990s became the subject of numerous studies as employers struggle to gain insights into how they work and what they want?

Despite of age during a recession, the millennial generation is “notably upbeat” about careers, says the report.

Youthful people in emerging-market economies China, India and Mexico were the most positive about their future employment, beside those from the U.S., Germany and Switzerland.

“Millennials have a career ultra marathon ahead of them and they know it,” the information said.

Early retirement is not an option for many millennials because they value range in their careers in which they embrace “changing paths, pace and regular breaks” rather than glued to one job for life.

By 2020, millennials are expected to make up over a third of the workforce worldwide.


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