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India Ranks 18th Amongst Most Desirable Destinations to Work, Report Says

India Ranks 18th Amongst Most Desirable Destinations to Work, Report Says

Oct 29,2014

Here’s a good news, India ranks 18th amongst the list of most attractive destinations to work, besides this 70 to 80% of Indians are ready to work in a foreign country, says a new report.

According to the list compiled by the Boston Consulting Group, the United States has topped as the most desirable nation to work followed by the UK, Canada, Germany and Switzerland.

The other nations in the top 10 list, where most of the overseas nationals prefer to work include France, Australia, Spain, Italy and Sweden respectively.

Amongst the G20 nations, India was ranked as the 18th most desirable nation to work.

Internationally, one in each five participants who already possess global work experience and approximately 64% said that they would be eager to go to a foreign country for work

As per the survey, approximately 70-80% Indian citizens are already residing in abroad or are eager to relocate to a foreign nation for the purpose of work.

The major work place attribute in India comprise good work life balance, learning and career improvement, job security and admiration for individuals work.

The report stated that the majority of people are ready to uproot themselves and move for an overseas nation for the purpose of employment mostly because they want to widen their life experience and that of their families.

The percentage of people eager to work abroad is mainly high in developing nations. 

Approximately 94% of study respondents in Netherlands said that they would believe moving to another nation for work. Similarly, in France 94% of individuals are willing to move to a foreign nation.

Conversely, people from the nations such as the US, Germany as well as the UK are not willing to go abroad for work.

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