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India ranked 5th in contingent workforce engagement internationally

India ranked 5th in contingent workforce engagement internationally

Jul 13,2016

India is ranked among the top five nations globally in terms of contingent workforce engagement, at the same time New Zealand tops the list, says a report. 

According to Manpower Group Solutions' fourth Contingent Workforce Index (CWI), which tracks the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining contingent workforce in 75 countries, India has been graded among the top five nations. 

New Zealand topped the ranking for the second consecutive year, showing an optimal environment for use of contingent labor: availability, cost efficiency, regulation and productivity, followed by Singapore (second), Philippines (third), Israel (fourth) and India (fifth). 

Countries are ranked on their overall arena for contingent workforce engagement across four categories. Each category can be weighted differently depending upon the strategized priorities of an organization. 

"Employers are feeling the talent shortage. Availability of contingent working classes, as well as skilled labour, is gaining prominence. As a result, we saw countries like China and India reappear into the top ten markets for availability of talent," Manpower Group Solutions Senior Vice President Kate Donovan said. 

The United States and Canada fell from the top five global markets, to sixth and seventh from second and third positions, correspondingly. 

"Over the past year, we saw a shift in priorities that resulted in a change in the 2016 weighting credit to workforce size," Donovan added. 


Others in the top ten include Ireland (eighth), the United Kingdom (ninth) and Hong Kong (tenth).


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