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Impact on Canadian immigration Site with Presidential Elections in the US

Impact on Canadian immigration Site with Presidential Elections in the US

Nov 11,2016

On Tuesday night, Canada’s immigration website got affected as the elections ended on the west coast with the final result making Donald trump the President of the United States.

Around 200,000 active users were found on the immigration site at 11p.m. EDT on Tuesday as the hassle started; the Canadian Broadcasting Corp sensed that almost 100,000 users are from American web addresses.

The previous week during the same time had just 17,000 visitors on the website, CBC informed.

50% of the website’s visitors are from America remarkably. As reported by the Canadian immigration, 8.8% - 11.6% of the traffic came from the U.S., Canadian citizenship and refugees, the Canadian version on the American citizenship and immigration assistance of the U.S.

At the hour of the site’s crash, half of the site’s visitors were touted as Americans, 37% Canadians, and 3% from Australia and 1% from U.K.

Canada is an immigration friendly nation providing most of the initial process online. Generally, according to the Immigration procedures, migrants should have their post-secondary education, close relatives in the northern part of the country, or a Canadian job offer letter, or should be an individual of high net worth or significant financial resources, or a business to bring north and Canadian citizenship even French speaking ability is also helpful.

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