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Immigration and diversity - Shaping Canada’s future

Immigration and diversity - Shaping Canada’s future

Mar 28,2017

In a research report “Immigration and diversity - Shaping Canada’s future” published on 27th March 2017, by University of Guelph one of the most venerated universities of Canada, reiterates the significance of Immigrants in Canadian economy.  To quote the report “Immigration and growing diversity bring significant economic and social rewards to Canada, and offer opportunities both domestically and internationally.”

The report high lights the following

It emphasizes the Canadian initiatives taken up by the Immigration authorizes to attract the Highly Skilled Professionals from all over the world to immigrate to Canada

It confirms that 20% of the present day Canada’s population is foreign born. One in every five Canadian is a foreign born.

These people migrated to Canada from about 200 countries across the globe.

It confirms that Canadian Federal Government would issue more than 300,000 Permanent Resident Visas. That means another 300,000 jobs would be filled in Canada in almost all the sectors where there is a short fall of Skilled Professionals.

This report aims at bringing multi disciplinary perspectives to help immigrants to understand the contexts and challenges of immigration and suggests ways to handle the ways to face these challenges.

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