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ICT job market registers impressive growth in Australia

ICT job market registers impressive growth in Australia

Sep 08,2015

According to recent and latest industry’s statistics and data, recruitment in the technological sector has registered an impressive 8% growth in this quarter. According to Peoplebank, Australia’s leading IT Recruitment Company’s quarterly Salary & Employment Index, the ICT industry’s job market is growing rapidly in the job market.

Speaking to The Australian, Peoplebank’s chief executive officer Peter Acheson told that recruitment in IT industry will continue to grow especially in the cities of Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. He also added that Adelaide is also picking pace while Brisbane is bit erratic and Perth is bit slow.

The data which is coming from top 50 ICT companies of the country reflect that the permanent jobs in the country are growing in large numbers.

Due to the increased need of latest information, Retail, Utilities and Telecommunication organizations are increasingly hiring professionals with good knowledge and experience in data-analytics field. These data-analytics professionals will be of immense help to these industries which are looking for latest information on the kind of products / packages that the customers want to buy in the near future. The information will also help the organizations in customizing their products and packages to suit the requirements of the customers.

The survey also indicated that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will continue to hire ICT professionals extensively and these professionals are expected to serve the broader business goals of the organizations rather than merely sitting in the traditional IT departments.

In both Melbourne and Sydney, the SMEs are registering a double-digit growth in terms of hiring ICT professionals.


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