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ICT Industry Job Opportunities In Newzealand

ICT Industry Job Opportunities In Newzealand

Aug 17,2015

New Zealand’s technical services industry is very advanced and is a place for innovation and several technological companies. 

The ICT industry of Newzealand is diverse and comprises of IT, Wireless Infrastructure, Payments, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Geospatial, Agricultural technology verticals. There are excellent opportunities in these verticals if you have good experience and required educational qualifications. 

ICT industry is one of the major revenue contributing sectors to Newzealand’s economy. It has contributed more than $23 billion in the year 2012. This is more than 17% to what it has contributed to in the year 2010. 1/ 3 rd of revenue had come from telecommunication services while another $1.6 billion was contributed by the exports sector. 

The ICT companies of Newzealand are internationally popular for being resilient, entrepreneurial, flexible and adaptable. 

Some of the major ICT companies of Newzealand are as below: 

•    Hemisphere which is into the production of Boeing’s 3D engine
•    Rakon produces more than 50% of the frequency control devices used by the GPS industry across the world
•    The Hobbit of Peter Jackson’s is world famous for its High Frame Rate (HFR) film production
•    Legal and banking organizations across the world are using the intelligence-gathering software developed by Wynyard Group

Gameloft, an organization which is into the development of gaming software has chosen Newzealand as their hub for their ICT operations. Even Fujitsu, the IT services major has set shop in Newzealand. 

The ICT industry employs over 46,000 professionals in over 2,300 organizations. There is huge demand for people as the business in ICT industry grows. This demand has grown manifold due to the support projects that are being implemented in the finance sector and efficiency measures being taken by the Government organizations. 

Over 83% employers are facing acute shortage of skilled professionals which is affecting their business immensely. This shortage is more prevalent in IT industry. This has forced the employers to hire people from abroad. 

Often, it will be very easy to get a work visa if you’re offered an employment opportunity that is appearing on the skill shortage list and you need to have requisite experience and qualifications. The government of Newzeland has identified few areas wherein the employers have to recruit the people from overseas. 

Even if your profile is not appearing on the shortage list, you can still look for resident visa and other work related options. 

IT jobs on the skills list include - Project Manager, Business Analyst, Security Specialist, Film Animator, Developer Programmer, Database Administrator, Software Tester, QA Engineer

Most of the opportunities are available in Auckland (46%), Wellington (24%) and Christchurch (11%). In-addition, several opportunities are available across the country since government and business organizations are employing their own support staff and IT professionals. 


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