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Huge Demand for Relationship Managers in Singapore and Hong Kong

Huge Demand for Relationship Managers in Singapore and Hong Kong

Aug 21,2014

SME relationship managers (RMs) jobs are in huge demand in Hong Kong and Singapore as banks consider providing SMEs in these cities as well as in the close by upcoming markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam, according to head of financial services at a recruitment firm in Singapore. 
In the previous month, Citibank has announced intentions to recruit 100 new SME-focused bankers all through Asia. SMEs of Asia have the possibility to develop into large companies and banks are seeking to aid their needs of working capital and finance over the long period of time.
Banks are willing to hire RMs with best recorded performance in the sector, ability to control new clients and a ‘ready client base’. In addition, RMs should have strong credit analysis skills as they are required to arrange credit proposals.
Senior RMs will have an average salary ranging from US$115k to $190k in Hong Kong and US$145 to $240k in Singapore, according to a salary survey. Banks are prepared to give 20 % or more income to new recruits given the shortage of relationship managers in both the cities.

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