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How To Migrate And Work In Canada?

How To Migrate And Work In Canada?

Aug 10,2015

Canada is one of the larget country and offers excellent opportunities for professionals. If you’re looking for overseas jobs in Canada, here are few guidelines as how to migrate and become a resident of Canada and to work there.

Apart from the Canada Express Entry, there are several ways in which one can migrate and work in Canada. Canada comprises of 10 states and 3 territories. Every province as well as territory (except for Nunavut), has its own migration / immigration programme called as Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

These immigration programmes are designed keeping in mind the specific job requirements of the states. Each and every province has its own requirement in-order to be eligible to migrate to it.

Sometimes, moving to Canada is more easy through PNP and in few cases, the federal system seems to be more beneficial based on the specific requirements of a person.

However, it is better to consider all the options and to choose the right option to become a resident of Canada.

You can submit your application either for PNP alone or along with the federal level application.

If you want to migrate to Canada and in-case if you’re not eligible for Canada Express Entry System, you can still try to migrate to Canada through provincial programme.

You can also apply on two levels. If you’re on the Canada Express Entry list, your file can also be noticed / observed by an employer or province. You can also specify your interest in migrating to a specific state of your interest.

You can gain 600 points, in-case you receive an invitation from a specific state / province. These points are exactly half of the required 1200 points to enter the express entry system. 

Under the Canada Express Entry System, you have to comply with all the requirements of the specific federal streams.

These days, several states are offering various immigration routes wherein the procedure of processing the application through the provincial channel and federal channel are combined, thus making it easier to apply on both levels / ways.


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