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Hong Kong Employees Set to Shuttle Between Professions

Hong Kong Employees Set to Shuttle Between Professions

Aug 30,2014

A study carried out in Hong Kong has thrown light on interesting facts regarding employee work choices. At least 55% of Hong Kong employees have show interest to shift their domains in the next 12 months.
The Hong Kong Employee Intentions Report 2014/15 indicated that this behavior was mainly due to lack of growth in the present career.  The report further said that 63% people said they were willing to switch to another profession as they haven’t got any promotion for the past two years.
Revealing more about the factors that are pulling employees towards differing professions, the study has stressed that majority of people were getting attracted to higher pay scales. The intended job hoppers, however, were sticking with the present companies expecting a salary hike.
Despite so much of intention to shuttle between professions and positive signs in Hong Kong employment market, the study said, people were finding it competent and risky to switch to new professions.
On the other hand, employment experts are of the opinion that the growing demand for employees in different areas and attractive salaries will keep the Hong Kong employment market active for the next 12 months.

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