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Hillsborough County on the Lookout for up to 700 Johnson and Johnson Jobs

Hillsborough County on the Lookout for up to 700 Johnson and Johnson Jobs

Feb 27,2015

Johnson & Johnson, the health care giant which is ranked 11th on the list of the world’s most glorified companies, Fortune 2015, is making plans to invest 23.5 million dollars in order to organize a headquarters operation in Hillsborough County ranging over 700 jobs and an average of 75,000 dollars. This agreement will be dependent on a county and state incentive package to give Hillsborough a competitive edge over other potential sites. 

This matter would require voting to consent a 2.1 million dollar as part of a total of 9.1 million dollar package. The cities of Tampa and Temple Terrace are also anticipated to address the prospective move in the coming week. The remaining incentive package which amounts to 7 million dollars, would be taken into consideration later according to sources.

The deal involving Johnson & Johnson significantly relates to job relocations and extensions that both Hillsborough and Tampa are competing for during this year’s time. The Economic Development Corp. of both these places are responsible for recruiting firms and jobs to the county. 

The deal brought forth by Johnson & Johnson comes in the wake of an extraordinary plan by Citigroup to start as many as 1,163 additional jobs, with an average of 75,000 dollars. Johnson & Johnson, along with Bristol-Myers Squibb, a giant in the pharmaceutical industry started its Center for ‘’North American Capability’’ near Tampa International Airport in the month of January, 2014. According to the EDC, Johnson & Johnson is proactively considering various locations in other states as well. The county’s half would be paid on a job basis for over a minimum of four years.

They were all hopeful that these incentives would give a fresh lease of life to life science companies in the county. The New-Jersey based company Johnson & Johnson which has 128,000 employees, has recently promulgated that they are coming up with testing a vaccine for Ebola.

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