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Great Demand for Oil and Gas Experts in Western Australia

Great Demand for Oil and Gas Experts in Western Australia

Mar 03,2015

Western Australia has opened doors to temporary foreign workers and is offering great number of opportunities to certain professionals on contract basis.

According to sources, the majority of businesses are tendering for maintenance and operation contracts. A steady increase of permanent roles is observed in Victoria, mostly from small to medium sized manufacturing and equipment design organizations. 

Reportedly, the need for temporary staff with gas pipeline experience is increased and both white as well as blue collar candidates are considered. There is a demand for cost engineers as employers are planning for enhancing efficiency as well as cost saving strategies. And, the demand for wire line engineers and operators has  also increased as the oilfield services sector is facing problem in  recruiting senior level candidates with relevant experience. 

Sources stated that Electrical technicians are in short supply in both Western Australia and nation wise. There is also a great demand for coordinators and planners in Queensland and also for commissioning engineers. And, Petroleum engineers with tight gas or coal bed methane experience are also in high demand. 

Apparently, physical market traders with gas experience are in highly required in Victorian oil and gas market as most firms are looking for gas workers with operational gas pipeline experience as a new maintenance and insertion work is released to contractors.

Presumably, gas and oil equipment design houses are growing and candidates within the market can have a greater chance to move to new roles. This creates lot of vacancies in this field. 

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