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Good News For Public Sector Employment Job Seekers In Ontario, Canada

Good News For Public Sector Employment Job Seekers In Ontario, Canada

Jul 06,2015

According to Canada Statistics, between 1980s and 2000, employment rate in public sector in the province of Ontario has grown by 50% (roughly from 8, 98, 300 to around 1, 345, 924 employees). Currently, huge number of job opportunities are found in Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hosiptals (popularly called as MUSH) sectors. Employment opportunities in municipalities have grown by over 110% in between 1981 - 2012 (from 1, 28, 623 employees to around 2, 70, 460). As such, the share of municipal government employees has grown from mere 14% to about 20%. In-addition, these figures doesn't include the job opportunities in business enterprises such as local utilities where the employment rate has grown to 162% in the same time.

Employment rate in the education sector has seen sea growth since the need for quality teachers has increased in the elementary, senior secondary as well as post secondary school levels. Employment rate has grown from 1, 62, 010 in the year 1981 to around 2, 85, 625 by 2012 (an approximate increase of about 76%). Employment rate in Universities as well as Colleges has surged from 81, 720 to over 1, 43, 910, which is an increase of around 76%. The share of school boards in the employment grew from 18% to 21% while the post secondary level employment grew to 11% from 9%.

In Healthcare & Social Services, there were 1,57, 838 jobs in the year 1981 which grew to 2, 38, 560 by the year 2012 (an increase of 51%). The total share of Healthcare sector employees in the public sector employment is about 18%.

Between the years of 2000 – 2012, public sector employment in Ontario has increased by about 40% and the total employment has grown to 17% and therefore, the GDP of Ontario has grown to 22%.

There has been a huge shift in generation of new employment opportunities in Education and Municipal sectors when compared to the Healthcare & Social sectors. Thus, key growth has been observed in the areas of Education and Municipal government bodies in generating new job opportunities. 

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