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Golden demand for overseas IT professionals in Singapore

Golden demand for overseas IT professionals in Singapore

Jan 04,2016

According to the recruitment firm ‘Randstad’, Singapore has strong demand for IT Professionals from startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) this year. However, who are with mobile experience into instance, engineers, developers and designers will be in high demand due to expansion of smartphones in Singapore. Since from 2008, the government has initiated the Early Stage Venture Fund Program from which $150 million has been invested in upgraded technology. Where the demand for full-stack, Java, mobile development, as well as user interface/experience (UI/UX) specialists and cloud evangelists are increased now.

Randstad’s Associate Director, Mr. Daljit Sall said that, to seek and hire a highly skilled IT candidates for SMEs, where an employer’s are the reason to leverage and appeal for building the company as Millennials to  the ground up. Working with the start up companies will also allows to initiate the creativity and experimentation on our job. Where most of the larger companies do not offer to get involved in those, as it has the structured workforce, where the overseas employees have to follow it. The scope of growing once skills are mostly possible through the Small scale companies, where there will be less structured work environment.

Overseas start up firms has the opportunity to learn how to incentivize with their employees. For example, generally young workers, are more worried about their work-life balance with their career progression and personal growth. Which is important to achieve an employer’s set goals and to show up the best results in realistic work hours. 

Overseas Employers need to upgrade their skills to support their staff, work balance life progress with their Overseas employer’s by providing regular training. Additionally, they should also provide structured leadership and development programs to upgrade their skills, which is incorporated for open feedback from employees to increase their motivation level.

According to Randstad, for some roles IT professionals can expect a handsome salary to increase up to 5 percent from this year in Singapore along with the average bonus in the vicinity of one to three months' salary.

The IT professionals who are looking to move to another company, they can expect pay to rise of an eight to 13 percent, with cybersecurity experts, cloud specialists, full-stack developers and UI/UX designers can able to command the greatest jump to start their dream overseas companies with handsome package.


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