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Global Manufacturing Giant Festo To Create 100 - 250 Jobs In Mason, US

Global Manufacturing Giant Festo To Create 100 - 250 Jobs In Mason, US

Jul 20,2015

Festo, an US based organization which supplies pneumatic as well as electric automation technology makes several automation components which include cylinders, valve terminals, actuators and sensors. The organization also provides various other services such as consulting services to organizations in improving manufacturing processes, industrial education as well as training.


Mason Festo Americas LLC, a global leader in the vertical of automation technology for the logistics and manufacturing industries is set to start its operations in Mason from Saturday onwards. The new facility is expected to create around 250 jobs in the newly constructed plant worth $50 billion. According to the leaders of the company, the construction activity is completed and the machinery is being installed now.


Festo will be filling around 100 Mason jobs by next January. Job aspirants can appear for the job fair that will be conducted between 9:30 am and 1 pm on Saturday in Mason. The job fair is expected to fill the positions of warehouse personnel, pickers/packers, material handlers, assemblers, receiving operators, CNC machinists, machine operators, maintenance mechanics and technicians, and prototype machinists.


Festo’s Human Resources Manager Heather Jackson said that although Festo is on the lookout of hiring freshers with some sort of experience in manufacturing field, the company is also readying itself in providing training while on the job. The work environment will also encourage learning as well as development to the employees. 


At the new Warren County center, hiring process will be initiated in due course of time and this center will act as a warehouse site and assembly unit for the industrial giant of Germany.


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