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Germany Relaxes Immigration Rules

Germany Relaxes Immigration Rules

Aug 02,2014

In a major step that’s likely to boost the economy, Germany has reportedly relaxed its stringent immigration rules. The new innovations include—setting up welcome centers at selected locations besides funding free language classes to the prospective immigrants.

It may be noted that the inflow of immigrants to Germany is comparatively higher than Britain, Canada, Spain and Italy. The reports even indicated that the demand for Indian based engineers is high at different factories in Germany. On the other hand, the country even witnesses a large number of Chinese students every year, who migrate to Germany for a quality higher education.

Notably, the immigrants entering Germany are said to be of brighter compared to average German national as it welcomes foreign nationals with a degree and a job offer of not less than $50,000. It has to be mentioned here that at least 4,00,000 foreign nationals migrated to Germany.

Meta des-Germany is becoming one of the most sought after destinations after the United States. In order to further boost its economy, German Government has relaxed the existing visa rules

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