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German unemployment falls to lowest since 1991

German unemployment falls to lowest since 1991

Oct 31,2015

Germany is at its lowest unemployment level since a quarter of century this October in the Europe’s largest economy.

One of the labor agencies has claimed that demand for job has reduced by 5000 this October compared to previous month.

Deutsche bank data announced cut in 35000 jobs in the next 2 years and overall head count will reduce by 9000 full time jobs, 20000 additional jobs for disposal of assets and 6000 external job. Expected loss of 4000 full time jobs in Germany But the strong demand for workers has increased and the data confirms that Germany’s job market is the strongest in the entire Euro zone with largest economy.

The spokesman of The BA said the fall of unemployment by 59,000 which is the lowest since 1991 November. The demand for workers increased considerable in Germany which is largest and strongest Economy in Europe.Even though economists warned that Volkswagen test scandal may affect the employment due to costing cutting in the car market investment or supply, survey says this did not affect the industry.

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