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German to Attract More Skilled Workers 2016

German to Attract More Skilled Workers 2016

May 04,2016

Due to the shortage of skilled workers which is the biggest economy of the Europe, German commenced an immigration system for skilled abroad employees.

The Baden Wurttemberg a home to basic automobiles and machinery companies is organizing the pilot project stimulated by New Zealand and Canada immigration systems. 

The labor Minister, Andrea Nahles said that the upcoming quality life depends on number of individuals working in Germany contributing to the prosper of the country.

She also mentioned that Germany must deploy all talent, and must need additional skilled employees from foreign counties, which is the reason for new German immigration system.

Non EU citizens will be permitted to take work permit for three years under the system of points for German language skills.

This system of points will permit to get full 100 points with raised level of competency in German language, while people with basic level must need to confirm they proficiency of French or English skills along with German.

EU Citizens are authorized to take work in Germany are exempted from the German immigration criteria according to agreement of bloc free movement.
In spite of increasing ageing people, industries in Germany have been struggling to attract foreign skilled employees .The government is being advised by the nation’s crucial economic players.


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