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Foreigners get employed in more than half of all new jobs in Denmark

Foreigners get employed in more than half of all new jobs in Denmark

Aug 22,2016

According to a new analysis from the online journal Ugebrevet A4, half of all the new jobs in Denmark are being filled by non-Danes.

Working off figures from Jobindsats.dk, Ugebrevet A4 analyzed that foreigners accounted for 25,872 of the 41,381 new jobs created between 2013 and 2015. Danes filled 15,509 of the new positions. 

Whereas non-Danes account for 63 percent of the new jobs over that period, the pace relaxed to 53 percent in 2015. 

Opinions were split on what these employment figures mean. The Confederation of Danish Industries looked at the development as a positive. 

According to figures from Jobindsats.dk, there were roughly 310,000 foreigners working in Denmark in 2015, a momentous jump from the 239,000 working here in 2011. 

An analysis from the think tank Cevea found that foreign nationals are exceptionally finding work within the cleaning industry, agriculture, transportation and the hotel industry. 


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