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Food flavor, an entry pass into Canada,2015

Food flavor, an entry pass into Canada,2015

Apr 11,2016

Of all the 191,279 Express Entry system applicants, 31,000 were welcomed to be suit into PR, where 16% are allotted to food service and cooking. 

Research reveals the certain professions tendency to acquire, enthusiast immigrants entry to Canada under the new system called, Express Entry System. 
The Canadian immigration's' new economic option system has marked up to its, Just in time billing by processing most applications from the strike to reach the target set(6 months) by government. According to the year report card, 80% cases were rotated in the time frame itself-from the day the complete application was received upon the final decision by an immigration officer. 

"Taking the arrivals into consideration, the PR holders totaled as 31,000 under highly skilled category and 10,000 under principal applicants and respective families" stated the Immigration, R&C(Refugees and Citizenship) Canada review. 

The professors were listed in the top 10 occupations list, where many of them are international students who sought a farewell in Express entry. 

From the 2,356 applicants, food service workers were deliberately invited to immigrate last year and cooks made it below with a sum of 2,295. On an average, these two occupations summed for 16% of the pass holders for PR status in the country. 

IS(Information systems) analysts, software professionals, programmers and media developers, university professors and lecturers, graphic designers, retail sales executives and financial auditors, accountants, analysts rounded up to the top ten.

Under the Express Entry system, January 2015, every applicant completes a profile which is then added to a pool of candidates, elsewhere are ranked opposing each other considering the awarded points for personal attributions listed as language and work proficients including education qualification. 

A government certification which shows a candidate's core skill are in surge supply in Canada according to the express entry system, where the score is automatically boosted to 600 points. At prime, there were totally 23 draws, each with a different cutoff range from a low 450-point to peak score of 886. For this January, there were 60,042 profiles in the pool, with 22.5% of them holding a score card ranging between 400 to 449, where 36.4% of them hold a score between 350 and 399 as per the reports. 

In the year 2015, though a whooping 1,91,279 profiles were made in the pool, only 88,048 of them were weeded as the applicant could not meet the basic four economic immigration classes criteria, named as federal skilled workers, trades, experience class and also the provincial nominees. 

Of the resulting candidates, only 30% had received an invitation to immigrate, where as their top 3 destination provinces were Columbia, Ontario and Alberta, of which only 8 cases were on put on way to Nunavut. Greater than 78%, of the successful candidates who were already residing in Canada when they applied-as a sign of the advantage the new system awards the one who are already working there, with a positive labour market impact in their stream of work. The french speaking applicants is still grounded, where 1% represents all the profiles in the pool and 2% are invited to become PR holders. 

In the year 2014, India, China and the Philippines topped as the 3 Immigrant source Nationalities, accounting a 41% success. Whereas in the year 2015, UK-5.8%, Ireland-4.3%, and US-3.4% also have been a source contributors standing in the top six. Shockingly, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan and Egypt got bumped of the top list. 
Occupations that will get you in

Seems like, Food Service Supervisors and chefs are trending and booming as the best Job categories to acquire Express Entry system to land in Canada. Evenly, 8% is the resultant issued by Immigration, R&C, Canada, 2015.

As an earmark, cooks topped the list with 8% — 2,295 cooks, when compared to all other professions. 



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