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First 1,000 Latest Vancouver Jobs Posted by Nordstrom

First 1,000 Latest Vancouver Jobs Posted by Nordstrom

May 23,2015

On Tuesday morning, the Nordstrom U.S. retailer began posting about 50 online jobs for its latest Vancouver location and an estimation of hiring 1,000 candidates before the opening of the store in September.

The store in Vancouver is ranked third in the company in Canada, next to Ottawa and Calgary and is going to be located in a greater profile downtown corner which was occupied before by Sears and Eatons.

The jobs which have been posted for the latest Vancouver location consists of nail technicians, shoe shiners, baristas, stylists, cleaners, retail salespeople and bartenders.

The failure of one more retailer of America to succeed in its expansion of Canada has led thousands of retail sector job losses. 

A representative of the company stated that the existence of the Nordstrom jobs will be depending upon the success of the store.

John Bailey stated that they have a hope on the 1,000 candidates whom they are hiring and they will be able to withstand the job.

In addition, he also stated that they look at number of people in the store and how their business is and the great reward for them is when the customer comes back to the store again.  

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