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Employees set to hold the power in 2016

Employees set to hold the power in 2016

Jan 30,2016

Lack of skills shortages across the most development means the more effecting power to the employees.

Recruiter’s will need to be more innovating and meet to ensure they are able to attract appropriately qualified and skilled candidates to their requirements.

According to the survey by leading specialist recruitment firm Robert Walters, the power in

 New Zealand workforce is anticipated to tip in favor of employees.

 The global survey, which covers the maximum of  professions and it’s based on real recruitment  made by Robert Walters consultants, estimates that competition for expertise is expected to enhance as a market conditions improve resulting in shortage of skills  

This type of shortage skills will drive the salaries upwards in a number of markets.

 The intermediate to senior level finance, legal and procurement expertise’s as well as sales people with a great  success record will be able to increase when moving jobs.

Digital marketing specialists practiced in customer retention and data analytics will also expect significant raises.

According to the advised of  Robert Walters Wellington Director Shay Peters , As the acquisition  power changes  from hiring managers back to professionals with niche skills, employers are need to concentrate on their application if they want to attract  the best candidates.

 ‘’The employers need to consider how they can upgrade the overall competitiveness of their offer and analyze the options like flexible working conditions along with salaries increment.

Throughout the 2016 and beyond, its mandatory to the  hiring manager should quickly  identify the talent  and protect the professionals they want.

According to Peters , when the organization is hiring the new employees the recruiters need to have the absolute clarity  regarding the quality  they are looking for in candidates’’.

Peter also added that The cost of recruiting the wrong person is really huge loss – we can estimate its loss approximately for six months.this kind of loss will have the a huge impact on any size of organization .

According to the  survey the following are the highlighted  qualified professionals with both local and international work experience will continue to be in highest demand across all sectors and regions.

It also identified that the New Zealand employment market, particularly in the IT and Banking sectors, will need to lift its appeal as it will be competing against large salary increases from Countries like Hong Kong and the UK, who are also experiencing skill shortages, which will entice Kiwi talent abroad.

Public sector organizations will continue to come under pressure to limit contract spend.

However, against  a greater focus on fixed-term and permanent positions across most disciplines, there will continue to be a need for high-end contract hires.

The top five professions in New Zealand for 2016 are:

1. IT (cloud, mobile, digital, e-commerce, cyber security)

2. Risk and compliance, finance specialists and commercially savvy accountants

3. Lawyers with 5PQE

4. Construction engineers

5. Sales and marketing professionals


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