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Edinburg to Host UK’s Prominent Tech Employments Fair

Edinburg to Host UK’s Prominent Tech Employments Fair

Feb 23,2015

Originally started in a pub, the recruitment event was started on an experimental basis by UK’s leading tech community in a bid to join together leading talent from tech conglomerates and banks. Ever since, this event in London has received much acclaim, showing that there has been a surge in the employment opportunities in UK’s tech economy. This enables the drive to be self-sufficient. The fair attracts nearly 3,000 workers and involves almost 160 firms which come here to hire job seekers.

According to Cristiana Camisotti, co-founder of Silicon Milkroundabout, they were now prepared to organize events in other tech firms and make Scotland high on their priority list. Scotland’s tech industry is thriving at present and also, there is a great demand for workers in this industry. Camisotti went on to say that it was their duty to see to it that talented individuals got the best tech employment offers in Scotland.

The event which is the first of its kind in Scotland is called, the Silicon Milkroundabout. It is slated to take place on 7 March, 2015 which falls on a Saturday, in Edinburg. In this fair, 40 companies from Scotland are scheduled to employ workers in more than 200 roles. Some of these areas include product management, data science, digital marketing, software engineering, design, business intelligence or analytics. Some of the big names in Scotland’s tech industry like FanDuel, Skyscanner and Amazon have been allured to smaller pilot businesses owing to this event.

This event is receiving a boost from the Government of Scotland in a bid to attract hidden talent from Europe and UK. The fair is free for all those who attend it. The venue of the event is The Hub Castlehill, EH1 2NE.

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