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East Lindsey Gets Ready with Recruitment Fairs

East Lindsey Gets Ready with Recruitment Fairs

Feb 20,2015

Mablethorpe and Skegness will be hosting two fairs which will proffer more than 250 job opportunities. Some of the area’s hot-shot employers will attend the events which are being operated by East Lindsey District Council and Job Centre Plus. There will be a plethora of job openings on offer, ranging from jobs of temporary and permanent nature to part-time and full time employment opportunities. 

Recruitment as well as training advice will be given, along with information about volunteering and apprenticeships. The portfolio holder of the East Lindsey District Council for economic growth, Councilor Craig Leyland viewed these fairs as a chance to permit people to see what offers was being given out. He added that since these fairs were held during the peak summer visitor season, it was a good time for the local employers to display the jobs that they had.

East Lindsey is a district which is known for seasonal employment. Hence, winter time is particularly difficult for many individuals. Hence, prospective job-seekers were asked to check out the offers they had at one of these recruitment fairs. These fairs are scheduled to be held at Mablethorpe Community Hall and Skegness Embassy on 20 February and 25 February respectively between 10:30 and 2:30 pm at both these places. There would be provisions for refreshments by the Skegness Chamber of Commerce.

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