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Dubai’s HBI Restaurant Likely to Recruit 1000 Employees

Dubai’s HBI Restaurant Likely to Recruit 1000 Employees

Sep 03,2014

Dubai’s restaurant major, Hotbrands International (HBI) has revealed that it has plans to expand its restaurant chain to 50 more locations making it reach the magic figure 100.
Setting 2020 as its target, the firm intends to create 1000 jobs in the years to come, said the company in a note released to the press.
The experts said that this new proposal is likely to draw huge number of skilled professionals from the hotel management industry to UAE.
The company was reported to have said that it would invest at least $20million  in order to expand their stores and provide the required infrastructure for the same.
Meanwhile, sources have said that HBI is likely to roll up the shutters of its new stores this year. All in all, this development is apparently a boon to many hotel management and culinary experts who have been in search of a good firm.

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