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Details of Most In-demand Jobs in UAE Revealed

Details of Most In-demand Jobs in UAE Revealed

Jan 09,2015

With more people are looking for new career opportunities, it is very important to find out the booming sectors that are seeking for new talents. The recent Monster Employment Index has listed out good number of online job listings and professions that are most in-demand in the UAE.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or planning for a great career, it is worth to explore the list of professions that are highly sought after. Citing the index, UAE companies are actively looking for candidates who posses required qualifications or experience in logistics, purchase and supply chain. This profession has witnessed 43% surge in demand in 2014 when compare to previous year.

Reportedly, software, hardware and telecom are most in-depth occupations and registered a 40 % growth. And, marketing, arts, communications and creative professionals registered 33% growth in December previous year. The recruitment activity in the UAE remains positive with the availability of online jobs in the country increased by 13 % in December.

Notably, 27 % rise is observed in banking, insurance industry and financial sectors and25 % growth is observed in information technology, internet service provider and telecom industry. The manufacturing, ancillary and automotive industry is another top sector, which noticed a 22 % rise in December.

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