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Demand for Skilled Workers, Management and IT Experts in Australia

Demand for Skilled Workers, Management and IT Experts in Australia

May 26,2015

In Australia, the demand still continues for the skilled workers such as engineers, laborers, experts in accounting staff and IT, plumbers and builders and the employers said that these were much harder jobs to fill.

In addition, drivers, technicians, sales representatives, administrative staff, and management executives are in demand except the doctors who are not in the list to fill the top ten hardest jobs.

According to the Australia’s 10th annual talent shortage survey Manpower Group around 42% of the employers in Australia are working hard to fill the roles, but every year, 5% strategies have been implemented in order to tackle the shortages. 

In addition, Australian employers are moving away from handling the talent shortage issues. 

Throughout the country employers have reported that it is most difficult to fill the roles as management, skilled trades, executive and sales representative. In spite of the slowdown in the resource sector, skilled trades have remained the hardest in order to fill the positions for almost nine years. 

Crawley stated that when the skilled trades have become harder to fill for a decade the demand profile has changed in the recent five years. The demand for mechanics and electricians has turned to be very easy when there was a shift in the developments in infrastructure   throughout the country looking out for a supply of demand for specialists such as engineers, skilled trades and laborers in the field of construction and infrastructure.

Furthermore, he pointed that the fundamental shift from demand to field staff in the IT sector towards the skills of the specialists is make the demand easier in the industry. As more can be done the IT sector is changing from the workers to the specialists in the main areas such as analytics, big data, mobility and cloud.

Crawley stated, this is the right time for the IT workers in order to invest in the reskilling to be relevant than hanging to the roles that are growing obsolete.

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