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Canadian Job Market Created 40,600 new jobs in March

Canadian Job Market Created 40,600 new jobs in March

Apr 09,2016

Canadian Labor Market has seen a rush in new jobs in the last month that slowed down the jobless rate from 7.3 to 7.1 from the previous month

A nigh look at the particulars of the report also revealed bright signs. Of the new jobs created, 35,300 were full time, with a large number of private sector jobs.

A significant growth in the number of higher-value services jobs, which would be key to helping Canada bounce back from the oil slump.

The largest profit previous month has been registered in services industries, that created 74,700 net new positions.

Compared with 12 months prior, Canada has created 129,600 net new positions overall — a year-over-year growth of 0.7 per cent.

A consent of economists anticipated the country would add 10,000 net jobs in March according to Thomson Reuters.

According to the study  the crucial economic challenges faced by the commodity sector, March report improved Canada's six-month mode for monthly job gains over 11,000. On an average, the Canadian job market generates 16,000 positions every month under more normal economic conditions.

Anyway, there is no commitment that the strong start to 2016 will remain in the coming months, mostly if oil prices continue to low

In supplement, the overall positive survey results equally carried disappointment.

It’s found that the manufacturing industry job market contracted 1.8 per cent compared with February. The manufacturing sector shed 31,800 jobs, with the losses felt in each of the biggest provinces.

Even hard hit, energy-rich Alberta has seen an enhancement in its jobless rate, which down to 7.1 per cent in March from 7.9 per cent with the previous month. Thanks to rise in the number of retail and wholesale trade jobs.

"Ultimately report suggests that the economy is recovering too aggressively”.



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