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Canadian Employment Agency in Dubai Seeking to Find Doctors

Canadian Employment Agency in Dubai Seeking to Find Doctors

Feb 02,2015

The Saskdocs recruiters of Saskatchewan province in Canada have come up with a stand to help the local physicians in Dubai to migrate to this province. The stand at Arab Health aims to provide help to medical professionals who are keen on making a livelihood as family physicians in Canada. Dennis Kendel, CEO of the government-linked recruitment agency said that at times, doctors arrived in Canada without a plan and ended up doing odd-jobs. This is because of conflict between the clauses of Canadian regulatory bodies and accreditation of the overseas professional. 

The Saskdocs is more than just a recruitment service provider to medical students and residents, physicians and communities. The organization not only helps find the right position and location but also aids in free-assessment of opportunities of a medical professional in Canada. The Canadian provincial regulatory bodies assess the credentials of each and every professional. Although there may exist a disparity in the standards set in other nations and Canada, a migrant coming to Canada must be ready to practice in line with the local environment.

According to Kendel, the opportunities available for an overseas medical professional, depends partly on the country of origin. The U.S, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and UK have the same set of standards as Canada. There are some excellent institutes which produce expert medical professionals while there are some bogus ones which offer a diploma just by paying a hefty amount.

On an annual basis, Saskdocs proffers 90 candidates with an assessment program in order to determine their job eligibility in the Canadian province. In the event of qualifying the assessment, this organization connects the candidate with the employer under a three-year bond. Rhoda Yakubowski, recruitment consultant at Saskdocs explained that the program comprises of pre-screening and a two-part assessment which includes the centralized and clinical field assessments. Only after clearing the first, can a candidate continue with the second part of the assessment.

The program lasts for three months, during which time a candidate is provided with housing as well as all the required materials for the training course. The course is designed to help the candidate to work in the province in the days ahead. Saskdocs’ services extend to Iran, Nigeria, Egypt and Iraq. Kendel added that presently 24% new physicians have taken advantage of education in overseas and that their doors to international doctors would never be closed.

At present, the workforce in the Canada medical industry in increasing, making it difficult to find a job. So, taking the help of such support, they can hope to get a better pay and residency, subsequently. This program was launched four years back and since then, there has been a rise in medical professionals from the Middle East.

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