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Canada to have 1, 82,000 High-paying Technology jobs

Canada to have 1, 82,000 High-paying Technology jobs

Mar 11,2016

As per ICTC, “Even though there are high-paying and stable jobs, not enough Canadians are pursuing technology-based/related education”.  At this juncture, it has unveiled its immigration policy of welcoming foreign workers from diverse sectors, which is turning out to be a sheer opportunity for the people who are willing to Work abroad Hence forth an ample Overseas Job Vacancies bar rose.

A whooping 1, 82,000 IT and Communication jobs will be on offer by 2019 in Canada. And an additional 32,000 jobs will be available by the year 2020. These numbers are proportional to the emerging areas named; Virtual Reality, Robotics, Cyber-Security and advanced manufacturing technologies including 3D Printing.

“Currently 877,470 people are working in IT and Communication jobs” the research mentioned and more than 43% of technology profiles are employed in the professional and technical service based industry. They also have a significant broadcast on the health care, manufacturing and public sectors.

 “1,400 video game-related jobs will be available over the next 12 to 24 months and the industry cannot find Canadian talents to fill those high-paying positions” said ESAC (a lobby group for Canada’s booming video game industry). In the year 2015, the average salary of an employee in video game industry was $71,300.

This research paper came out just two days after the ESAC (Entertainment Software Association of Canada) released its own report calling on the federal government to take a leadership role in creating a national plan to mold their students for careers in the burgeoning technology sector and released a whooping number of Immigrant entries which is a good news for expats who are looking for overseas jobs.


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