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Canada signed TTP Agreement

Canada signed TTP Agreement

Apr 20,2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a great opportunity for foreign workers seeking career in Canada.

The 12-country Pacific Rim trade deal negotiated with the former Conservative government but need to be ratified which would enlarge employers’ ability to bring Temporary foreign workers to Canada.  TTP agreement  would permit foreign workers to Canadian job positions even though Canadian workers are eligible to those positions.

McGowan said that Trans Pacific Partnership is like Temporary Foreign Worker program, which would solve all the struggles with the previous program, amplify them and settle them completely.”

Canada signed to TPP in the month of February, but accord with the agreement is not a ready deal.

Chrystia Freeland, International Trade Minister expressed that the agreement is simply a technical step and only a poll in parliament would ratify the agreement sequence of hearings over the country –are planned to calculate public opinion on deal before that happens.


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